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Cast Again Tackle

Round Ball Jig Head with Sickle Hook (25 Pack)

Round Ball Jig Head with Sickle Hook (25 Pack)

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Our Round Ball Jig Head with Mustad Sickle Hook is the perfect addition to any angler's tackle box. The unique skipjack bend hook and 90º-bend eye provide a secure hookup and better opportunity for a secure hookup. Plus, the “MTL-V1” point offers a sharper, sleek shape with 50% lower penetration resistance.

25 Per Pack

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Made in Wisconsin!

The Something Special from Wisconsin seal signifies that at least 50% of these products production, or processing is from or completed in Wisconsin!

Our tackle uses hooks from several manufactures including Owner and Mustad. Components such as lead, screw locks, and wire keepers are then added to the hook. Once that is completed we powder coat and bake (harden) the products that require paint. Lastly the tackle is packaged and shipped to the consumer!

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